7/20/2013: lol fcuk!

Immidiately upon finishing the post below I see a message that the end of this game is 8/30/13. If there is any hope to save the game it is a lot of people starting to play right now. GO PLAY ROBOT RISING RIGHT NOW!!!

7/20/2013: More Robots!

Thought it might be time for an update. I'm still playing Robot Rising and still enjoying it. The PvP content has been released to beta testing, I clicked a button and it started, so I am guessing that everyone has access once a certain level is reached. There was likely a disclaimer that said don't tell the world, but since I have not been given access to the beta forums after several requests have been sent I'm going to talk about it anyhow.

PvP in Robot Rising is unlike that of any other Facebook game that I have played. There is a resourse in the game that is specific to PvP called Dark Matter. You can only generate this if you are in the beta and have created a Dark Matter Access Point. This structure slowly generates Dark Matter for you which can be collected or harvested. When attacking other players you can steal their Dark Matter, although no other resources in the game are affected.

Dark Matter is used in building and upgrading your PvP base and also used as a secondary component to create rare weapons and armor for your robot. Weapons in your PvP base also use Alloys which is the main resource used for the PvE content in the game.

The PvP base that you create in this game is what makes the PvP entirely unique. When you are first staring into the PvP section you are given a "Basic Complex" that you can upgrade and modify. There are set places where you can place defending robots and turrets that will help to defend your "Dark Matter Generator". Your goal is to upgrade your complex so that other players will be destroyed before they can destory your "Dark Matter Generator". If another player attacks you and they are able to destroy your "Dark Matter Generator" then you will loose some of your Dark Matter and your ranking will go down.

This game does have a PvP leaderboard built in. As you attack other players successfully or defend others attacks successfully your ranking will go up, likewise if you lose your ranking will go down. The amount of increase or decrease is based on how effectively you attack or defend.

As you level up your Dark Matter Access Point you gain access to additional complex layouts that you can purchase for Dark Matter or Robobucks (real world money). Some of these layouts are nearly impossible to actually defeat in the time frame given, and many players sacrafice a high score to ensure that they get to the end of the complex and destroy the "Dark Matter Generator". As long as the "Dark Matter Generator" is destroyed it is considerred a "win" and you will gain some ranking and Dark Matter.

Rankings are divided up into 10 tiers based on the level of your Dark Matter Access Point. This structure determines what defenses you have access to research and build so the teirs keep the ranking system fair.

I believe that is all I have for now. Check back often for more on Robot Rising. If you are not yet playing Robot Rising get with the program!

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